6 Benefits Of Garlic Oil

Garlic oil provides many health benefits. And in the same way, garlic oil is beneficial in many types of health problems. Let’s know. Which about the benefits of garlic oil.


And many types of medicinal properties are found in garlic. Which is why the consumption of garlic is considered very beneficial for maintaining physical health. So has been used since ancient times. Like garlic, there are many health benefits.

Benefits Of Garlic Oil

garlic oil
garlic oil
  1. Considered to be very beneficial for the heart
  2. Benefits of garlic oil for toothache
  3. in skin and wounds
  4. for bacteria in the gut
  5. Benefits of garlic oil for the nervous system
  6. very beneficial for hair

1. Considered to be very beneficial for the heart

Garlic oil is considered beneficial in reducing the risk of heart disease. Mainly sulphur, which reduce high blood pressure. and protect against atherosclerosis.


And at the same time, these compounds can reduce the level of LDL ie bad cholesterol. And can increase the amount of HDL ie good cholesterol.

At the moment, it’s hard to tell. What are these beneficial compounds found in garlic. Further research is needed in this regard.

2. Benefits of garlic oil for toothache

The benefits of in keeping the mouth healthy are many. Which keeps the teeth away from harmful bacteria. Painful problems in teeth can be relieved by regular use of.

And garlic is also effective in mouth ulcers and sores due to its antimicrobial properties. Along with which it can also be used as a mouthwash.


3. in skin and wounds

It has the ability to heal wounds. According to another study, garlic extract has the ability to cure skin diseases like psoriasis. And contains some amount of extract. Which is why it is considered beneficial in psoriasis.

4. for bacteria in the gut

Garlic oil has been shown to reduce the effects of bacteria responsible for stomach pain and food poisoning. And antibacterial properties are found in.


Which can eliminate such bacteria. Along with this, if experts are to be believed, it can also be helpful in detoxifying the body naturally.

5. Benefits of garlic oil for the nervous system

The bioactive compounds present in garlic may prove beneficial in neuronal physiology and brain function. Also, garlic extract has antioxidant properties.

Which can reduce the effects of oxidative stress and free radicals. And oxidative stress and free radicals affect the nervous system.

This information comes from a research present on the website of NCBI. More research is needed on how works on nervous system problems.

6. very beneficial for hair

Hair fall has become a common problem nowadays. There could be many reasons behind this. And such as genetic, environmental or chemicals present in hair products. Another reason behind hair fall is nutritional deficiency.

Minerals like zinc, iron, selenium and folate are essential for healthy hair. Which, at the same time, all these elements are abundant in garlic. And hence, eating which is applied in the form of oil is considered beneficial for hair health.

use of garlic oil

garlic oil
garlic oil

It can be made at home to use. And apart from this, is also available bottled. Which you can buy from any good Ayurvedic brand. Its smell is very strong.

Which if you have trouble with its smell. Alternatively, you can also use capsules. But these are used only as food. Therefore,is the better option for applying.

When to apply – Those who can apply it half an hour before bathing in the morning. After this, hair can be washed with chemical free shampoo.

Which quantity to use – There is no mention of any specific quantity of. Which only the doctor can tell better in this regard. And who should use what quantity.

How to make Garlic Oil

  • Put four to five cloves of garlic finely in a pan or kadai.
  • And now add 120 ml of olive oil to it.
  • Cook the garlic till it turns light red.
  • Peel and cut 10 cloves of garlic.
  • Now cool this mixture and fill it in a vial.
  • Add any vegetable oil of your choice to this jar.
  • And let this mixture cook on low flame.
  • After two days this oil can be used.

garlic oil of video


Q: Does Garlic Oil Work?

A: Garlic oil has anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. And which work to protect the body from many types of infections. The use of this oil is beneficial in reducing acne, toothache, earache, heart disease and high cholesterol. So let’s know about the benefits of garlic oil.

Q: What happens to Garlic Oil Mustard Ajwain?

A: Selenium and magnesium are present in mustard oil. Which are full of anti-inflammatory properties. At the same time, garlic and celery have antimicrobial properties. Which protect the body from cold-cough and infection. And by massaging with this oil, heat is produced in the body and these elements provide relief in cold and cough.

Q: What happens when you apply garlic oil?

A: Which makes the skin of all people loose. And no matter how hard you try to hide these wrinkles. But which is of no use. So garlic is very useful for such people. And for this prepare a paste by mixing honey and lemon in garlic juice.

Q: How does garlic oil make hair grow?

A: To make a mixture of honey and garlic, first extract the juice from the cloves of garlic. And later mix it with honey and apply it on the roots of the hair. Shampoo it after 20 minutes. And this can solve your hair problem to a great extent.

Q: How to make garlic oil at home?

A:  How to make garlic oil at home.
1. First grind the garlic cloves.
2. Then mix it with olive oil or coconut oil. Now fill it in a jar and keep it in a cool place.
3. You can use this oil after a week.

Q: How much garlic should be eaten in 1 day?

A: According to the doctor Abrar Multani, in a day we should eat only 4 grams of raw garlic i.e. one to two buds. And at the same time, only 5-7 buds should be put in the vegetable. Abrar Multani, a well-known Ayurveda doctor of the country, says that many types of medicinal properties are found in garlic, which help in curing diseases.

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